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ISRW Tactics Analysis Reporting Program (TARP) Tactics and Adversary Studies Element (TASE) Analyst
Title:ISRW Tactics Analysis Reporting Program (TARP) Tactics and Adversary Studies Element (TASE) Analyst
Location:Sumter, SC
Position Description: 365th ISRW Tactics Analysis Reporting Program (TARP) Tactics and Adversary Studies Element (TASE) Analyst Status: Full Time / Exempt employee Location: Sumter, SC. Job Summary: Tactics Analysis Reporting Program (TARP) Tactics and Adversary Studies Element (TASE) Program Contract Support. The Adversary Tactics Analysis Analyst serves as an intelligence analyst engaged in complex technical analysis and production of information obtained and processed from one or more intelligence sources in support of customer requirements. The Analyst will conduct all-source intelligence of adversary tactics analysis and will provide and enable integrated ISR capabilities to collect, process, exploit, and disseminate accurate and timely information for ACC, MAJCOM, NAF, CCMD battlespace awareness and provide tactical event analysis for ACC and AF units and staffs. * Perform analysis and leads production teams and projects in support of ACC, MAJCOM, NAF, and CCMD planning and operations. * Interpret intelligence data and make recommendations on broad-based and domain/discipline-agnostic intelligence products, applications, capabilities, and resources within assigned geographical or functional areas. * Conduct analysis and production of multi-source intelligence information (e.g., COMINT, ELINT, RADINT, FISINT, MASINT, HUMINT, OSINT) to exploit adversary weaknesses and counter adversary strengths. * Provide supported MAJCOMs with detailed intelligence information and analysis derived from ISR assets to maximize friendly force effectiveness strengths, exploit adversary weaknesses, and counter adversary strengths. * Apply broad knowledge of relevant customer organizations and operations to translate requirements and recommend appropriate output or response to meet customer needs. * Maintain liaison activities and staff coordination through accepted channels of communication with counterparts at national Intelligence Community (IC), the military services, and Combatant Commands. * Maintain integrity and standardization of IC integrated products by closely coordinating with other analysts/teams, ensuring the use of recommended analytical methodologies, standards, and approaches. * Employ intelligence production requirement tasking methods (web tools, COLISEUM, etc.) to build production schedule recommendations to meet timelines and accuracy of ground, air, space, and cyberspace production needs. * Manage production requirements, track customer satisfaction and the value of all intelligence production lines and adjust production efforts based on feedback and customer outreach to ensure dissemination by all available means. Requirements * Eight (8) years’ experience in an Intelligence-related discipline. * Four (4) years Tactics Analysis Reporting Program (TARP) experience. * Knowledge of a wide range of intelligence research and collection methods, techniques, and practices to use multi-source intelligence information systems to capture data in order to make recommendations in developing intelligence capabilities and threat assessments. * Knowledge of advanced analytic principles, concepts, and methods to produce detail analyses of semi-complex to complex information/situations attained from multiple sources, to include database manipulation. * Knowledge of the national Intelligence Community (IC), Joint, DOD structure, organizations, and mission/functions, inter-relationships and operations. * Ability to conduct unbiased, difficult research; identify appropriate available systems/data sources; produce collections requirements assessments that answer specific tasks to link and leverage agency capabilities; and develop new methods, approaches, or procedures. * Ability to maintain control of classified material, assimilate disparate data, render knowledgeable and accurate. * A final U.S. Government issued TOP SECRET security clearance and be ICD 704 eligible or Special Access Program (SAP) eligible with a current SSBI. * Ability to read, write and speak English Education * Bachelor’s degree in area of expertise (e.g. Intelligence Analysis, International Studies)